Telegram Video AMA with Biconomy CEO Summary

Today the first and very interesting Telegram Video AMA session took place with the CEO of the Biconomy exchange, Dmitriy Sheludko.
To make this AMA more convenient, we have prepared a summary and answers to the most important questions.
In this way, you can understand it in different languages without additional translation.

On the AMA, the most important questions were: Airdrop, BIT Staking Release, Listing of BIT Token on other exchanges, and many others. We will now outline the answers to these questions.


The BIT token airdrop took place on the CoinMarkeCap platform from Sept 3 to Sept 23, 2021.
More than 560k people participated in total🚀
Your participation is greatly appreciated🤗

As you can see, we have a huge difference between the number of participants and those who completed Airdrop’s tasks.
Therefore, today we are identifying only those who actually met all of the requirements and filtering out all bots and multi-accounts.
Please note that only 10,000 lucky winners will receive the reward under the terms of the Airdrop!

Winners will be announced on CoinMarketCap on September 26, 2021

You will receive the tokens on September 25 and 26.
After checking the list and being on it, if you haven’t received tokens yet, you can contact the administrator of our Telegram on September 27, not earlier.

Airdrop distribution structure.

Below you will find a screenshot of the CoinMarketCap, which contains detailed guidelines on how Airdrop Tokens BIT will be distributed.
Our Airdrop Award is divided into two parts, as you can see.
At present, 10,000 lucky winners will share $30,000 in prizes — $3 each in BIT tokens according to market price.

To avoid significant fluctuations in the price of the BIT token, we have specifically included the Airdrop BIT Token HOLD program with additional rewards — $20,000.

If you keep the same amount of BIT Airdrop tokens on the same wallet, you will receive an additional reward according to the BIT token hold period.


The screenshot below shows a working prototype of our BIT Staking product, which is currently in internal testing.
You can see that this is a classic product of staking with the addition of a liquidity pool in the form of BIT-BUSD.
This form of staking is based on the fact that BIT is based on BSC and now is traded on a Pancake Swap.
We are part of this ecosystem and therefore use this type of staking now.
To stake BIT and get even more BIT tokens, on your Metamask, Trust Wallet wallet, you need to have BIT and BUSD themselves — to create a liquidity pool.
You create a pool on Pancake Swap and get BIT-BUSD LP as a result.

Now we will be launching Round 1 of BIT Staking — 10 Bln BIT Tokens have been allocated for it as a reward.
Therefore, there will be a limited number of participants in this round.
The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for the product will average 1000% and will depend on the total number of participants.

We will definitely prepare a detailed guide on how to stake BIT tokens, the instructions will be in Text and Video format, so you will learn everything step by step and in detail.

We will release the product as soon as we have finished all internal tests and are confident about its reliability.
Follow our announcements and news to find out when the product will be available.


You all ask about the listing of the BIT token on other exchanges. We understand your concerns about this and understand the importance of the presence of the BIT token on other exchanges.
We also want to place the BIT token on as many sites as possible.
Of course, we have a plan to add the token to other exchanges. First of all, the first place where the BIT Token will appear is the DEX of the Solana platform. Our goal is to develop an exchange ecosystem, which means collaborating with Solana is strategic for us.
Immediately after the completion of the BIT Staking product, we will begin to integrate the BIT token into the SOL ecosystem.
This will happen in October, roughly in the middle of the month.
Immediately after that, we will start integrating the BIT token on our own Biсonomy exchange.
After that, we will continue listing the bit token on other CEX and DEX.

Please wait patiently and understand that our team is working very hard and that this is very important for the development of the BIT token.


When is marketing?
Every day, it goes on. We are a cryptocurrency exchange since 2019 and marketing is an integral part of the existence of an exchange.
Currently, we are concentrating our efforts on advertising the exchange in the regions that are most important to us, where we are already active:


Arab countries


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Previously Top Media:

Yahoo Finance

Increasing the level of media and advertising for our project is being done step by step.
Next, we’ll look at the world’s top cryptocurrency media. And well-known influencers — regional and global.

Next week our CEO will hold another AMA video session — stay tuned!

Follow the latest news on our social networks and telegram chats.

As always, thank you for your tremendous support.

Join us and stay tuned for all upcoming updates on our website and social networks:

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