BIT and Biconomy Updates

Hello, dear Biconomy community!

We are very glad that you are with us and therefore today we want to share important updates on our products!

Unfortunately, due to the health problems of our CEO Dmitry Sheludko, today’s AMA video is postponed until next week. We wish him health and a speedy recovery.

In a week, our airdrop is just ending and there will be a lot of news and updates.

There will be a Live AMA video held to coincide with these events, and the CEO will discuss BIT staking and the airdrop procedure in more detail afterward.

Now we also want to inform you of important news and updates on our products that will soon appear on the exchange.


How does BIT Staking work?

This is a product of the classic BIT coin staking to currencies such as BNB, BUSD etc.

BIT Staking offers high investment rates and very flexible terms.

The APR of the product will be determined by the number of participants.

We will start with the BIT/BUSD pair, and we will add more as time goes on.

More and more projects are going to join BIT staking ecosystem to Stake BIT and farm their token.

Staking will be released at the beginning of October, according to our roadmap.

The good news is, we are working very quickly and hard so that you can start using this product by the END OF SEPTEMBER!


A full-fledged platform for the decentralized exchange of any cryptocurrency on the Biconomy exchange.

Swap passes instantly and is especially suitable for trading novice traders — there are no charts and complex additional orders and functions.

With BIT swap, you can easily and instantly buy our native BIT token for any cryptocurrency. And of course, sell it.

With time, BIT Swap will become a full-fledged DEX on the Biconomy exchange. Our first step will be to add BIT Token exchange capabilities to some top cryptocurrencies, then we will gradually consider additional coins.

Biconomy DAO

Biconomy is moving towards decentralization with decentralized governance, allowing the community to co-govern the Biconomy ecosystem.

Creating new governance proposals requires a certain amount of Biconomy DAO token, which helps determine whether a coin can be listed on Biconomy, or to launch IEO, IDO, etc.

To help us implement all management functions as conveniently as possible for users, our DAO system will run on the new and advanced Solana platform.

Regarding the implementation timing of the BIT DAO product, we have very great news — our team is working hard to have the product ready for you by November!

There will definitely be an AMA video with Our CEO, Dmitriy Sheludko, next week!

A great deal of information about new products will be discussed🚀

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